My name is Daniel Russell, although I’m more commonly known as Daniel Russell-Hammond.  I am 21 years old, and am currently residing in Rusholme,  Manchester. Currently a Crew Member at McDonalds,  I have experience in Programming, Web Design, and most aspects of Computing and Information Technology. As well as this, I have previously taken courses  in Graphic Design and Finance.  I am very adaptable, and excel in situations where I am forced to think on my feet.

Notable Skills

  • Capable of Leadership
  • Advanced Problem-Solving
  • Very Adaptable
  • Team-Player
  • Logical
  • Beginner/Intermediate knowledge of Javascript , PHP, CSS, HTML and VB.net.
  • Currently self-teaching C++.
  • Experience using Oracle, ArgoUML, Photoshop, Excel, Adobe Flash, various Database software and most other commonly used applications.